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About the Clinic

Helpline: +91-9818356846

About Dr. Puneet Kumar

Kumar Child Clinic was established by Dr. Puneet Kumar in 2008 with a mission to provide exceptional Child Health Services to the population of subcity of Dwarka (New Delhi) and beyond. The philosophy of the Clinic is to not only to treat the diseases of the newborn, infant, child or the adolescent, but to actively partner with parents other family members in promoting good health in every possible way.

​With the core knowledge of standard textbooks and current best guidelines of professional bodies (IAP, AAP, ESPGHAN, WHO, etc.) as the base and use of cutting edge technology with a human touch as the aids, the Clinic strives for excellence.

Like most Child Clinics, we have a comprehensive vaccination program and all the latest vaccines are available. the standard immunization schedule, as recommended by Indian Academy of Pediatrics is followed with no arbitrary alterations. When different variants of a vaccine are available (For example, PREVENAR 13® & SYNFLORIX® for PCV vaccine), Dr. Puneet Kumar makes it a point to explain pros and cons in detail (and not just the cost difference) to help parents in taking the decision regarding different options available. Vaccines get unparalleled care at Kumar Child Clinic. The refrigerator for vaccines has 24/7 power back up to maintain cold chain of highest standard and let the vaccines retain the potency that is intended. Moreover, visits to Kumar Child Clinic for vaccination are not just for vaccination. These Well Baby Visits are optimally utilized to provide guidance regarding diet, parenting issues, promotion of physical exercise & healthy lifestyle, prevention of injuries/ accidents, busting of common myths in the society, etc. Due care is given to management of development/ behavioral issues like potty training resistance, sleep difficulties, temper tantrums, food fussiness, breath holding spells, etc. Age-appropriate instructions, anticipatory guidance and even advice on age-appropriate toys is routine in these Well-Baby Check ups. The idea is to get involved with parents to help these little ones to reach their true​ potential!

Rapidly changing socio-cultural fabric with nuclear families, working parents, long working hours and ever-growing expectations are adding pressure to young parents today. Kumar Child Clinic goes an extra mile to send timely SMS/ Whatsapp for not only missed vaccinations but also to inform about Pulse Polio Day, Disease outbreak and even clinic holiday. The idea is to share some burden of young parents.

​Dr. Puneet Kumar is very particular in avoiding unnecessary antibiotics, injections, vaccinations, nebulization, lab tests, and hospitalizations...even when some parents demand these!! It has been a constant endeavor of Kumar Child Clinic to provide the benefit of the latest technology to the parents/ patients in the most cost-effective ways: be it a simple thermometer or a complex Clinic Software. It is no surprise that this was the First Clinic in Dwarka to get fully digitalized in April 2009...and within a fortnight of publication of Telemedicine Practice Guidelines by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and Board of Governors in supersession of Medical Council of India on 25th March 2020, the Clinic launched formal telemedicine consultations (within the scope that is practically possible) for any patient anywhere in India.

And, it is not just technology, but it is Clinic's constant endeavour to improve and give exceptional experience to its clients. For example, understanding of need of a significant proportion of clients to avail services on Sundays, the Clinic modified its weekly holiday top Saturday and have full working day in Sunday from February 2017. Similarly, with deeper understanding of the risks of cross infections during the waiting in queues in health care facilities and challenges of enforcing "mask mandates", the Clinic started consultations by appointment only in March 2020, whereby dedicated time slot was allotted to each and every patient and was followed in letter and spirit. Encouraged by the response and a "win-win" situation for all, the same is being followed now even after the emergency situation of COVID-19 is over..

Thus, it is all about setting new standards in Pediatric Office Practice...Visit Kumar Child Clinic and see the difference!!

​​​​​​​​​Dr. Puneet Kumar is an alumnus of Government Medical College, Amritsar, and is DNB trained in Pediatrics. He has worked in various capacities (medical officer, resident, senior resident, and consultant) in the Public as well as Private sectors in Pediatrics and Neonatology. Today, he has about two decades of experience in the field. His registration number is 20561 (DMC).

He is Assistant Editor of Pediascene, on the editorial board of Delhi Pediatrics (Official e-Journal of Delhi Branch of Indian Academy of Pediatrics), and had been one of the best-rated experts in the Pediatric section of AllExperts

Dr. Puneet Kumar strives to keep his knowledge up-to-date to give the advantage of the recent advances to his patients. He is very particular not only in actively participating in conferences/ seminars/ CMEs on a regular basis but also in sharing knowledge with his colleagues. He has quite a few publications to his credit:


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Other Publications

In addition to above, numerous articles have been published in Pediascene and elsewhere.

Various topics covered: * COVID-19 vaccines * Head Lice in children  * Constipation in children   * Injury Control in Children  * Genetic basis of Common Disorders of Childhood Onset  * How much to investigate: Gross Hematuria in Children  * Induced Hypothermia in management of Perinatal Asphyxia  * Acute management of Traumatic Brain Injury  * Choice of Anti-Epileptic Drugs  * Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia * Role of Endocannabinoid system in Drug Abuse and its management  * Endocrinopathies in ß-thallasemia major           * Bronchiolitis  * Management of raised ICP in Stroke  * Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia  * Myxedema Coma  * Debate on sponsorship by Pharmaceutical Companies  * Prescription Drug Abuse  * Co-morbidities in Psoriasis  * Growth Hormnoe Therapy in children  * Recent Advances in Dyslexia  * Debate on Evidence -based Medicine  * How much to investigate: Suspected seizures  * IVIG in Clinical Practice  * Management of depression in Children and Adolescents  * How much to investigate: Pain abdomen in a 3 year old child  * Persistent diarrhea  * Role of serology in Diagnosis  * Pyogenic meningitis beyond 3 months of age  * Infantile colic  * New Japanese encephalitis vaccine...