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Dr. Puneet Kumar is an alumni of Government Medical college, Amritsar and is DNB trained in Pediatrics. He has worked in various capacities (medical officer, resident, senior resident and consultant) in Public as well as Private sectors in Pediatrics and Neonatology. Today, he has over a decade of experience in the field.

He is Assistant Editor of Pediascene and had been one of the best rated experts in Pediatric section of AllExperts

Dr. Puneet Kumar strives to keep his knowledge up-to-date to give advantage of the recent advances to his patients. He is very particular not only in actively participating in conferences/ seminars/ CMEs on a regular basis, but also in sharing knowledge with his colleagues. He has quite a few publications to his credit. Read more...

Helpline: +91-9818356846

Kumar Child Clinic was established by Dr. Puneet Kumar in 2008 with a mission to provide exceptional Child Health Services to the population of subcity of Dwarka (New Delhi) and beyond. The philosophy of the Clinic is to not only to treat the diseases of the newborn, infant, child or the adolescent, but to actively partner with parents other family members in promoting good health in every possible way.

With the core knowledge of standard textbooks and current best guidelines of professional bodies (IAP, AAP, ESPGHAN, WHO, etc.) as the base and use of cutting edge technology with a human touch as the aids, the Clinic strives for excellence. Read more...

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"Doctor, my daughter is crying with ear pain. What should I do?"
​" Doc, my son has hurt himself. Does she require the tetanus injection?"
"Sir, we are going for a vacation. Which medicines should we carry?"
" Are Rotavirus/ Pneumococcal vaccines optional?"

This section of the website answers to such common queries to help parents avoid botheration of calling/ visiting their pediatrician. Read FAQs...